Posted by: Matthew | January 18, 2008

My Interview With Golfwidow

This is my interview with Golfwidow. She has been reading my blog and commenting for almost as long as I have been writing it. It was about time I got to her interview. Thanks for letting me interview you, Golfwidow!

Where do you live? What is like where you live?
I live in West Haven, Connecticut. It’s not a particularly intriguing set of surroundings – I live near a beach, but it’s never really warm enough to swim; it’s an old settlement in the United States but not as historically interesting as New Haven (where Yale University is), and the pizza is okay but doesn’t make people want to make television food shows about the city.

What do you do for a living? Do you like what you do?
I’m sort of generalist, even though my job title contains the word “specialist.” I work for a company that makes electrical products. If you’ve ever been in a factory or in a restaurant kitchen, and seen those kinds of waterproof plugs or big huge plugs and switches hanging down from the ceiling connected to industrial-sized machines, chances are my company made them. I don’t do that, though. I work on their website, and when there’s nothing new for the website, I answer phones, balance budgets, place orders, and do a lot of stuff to help the company run smoothly. I like my job but I would rather be a professional writer and stay home all the time writing books. So far I’ve only written one book and it’s not a best-seller, so I haven’t made enough money to stay home and write another.

I think you are married, right? What is it like being married?
Being married, for me, is kind of like living with a really good friend. We get into fights, then we forget what we were fighting about five minutes later and get back to normal. Also, my husband, when we were just dating, used to remember everything when he would come back from the store, but after we got married, he started to forget stuff off the list. I think he hopes I won’t make him go to the store anymore.

What is your favorite thing to do when it is raining?
I like to be inside when it’s raining. In Connecticut, even a summer rainstorm is pretty chilly and uncomfortable. I like to curl up on the sofa with my big blue quilt and read a book, watch a movie, or take a nap. Naps are some of my favorite things to do, ever.

What is your favorite type of cookie? Why?
Well, my favorite cookie, unfortunately, is a cookie I make called “white lightning.” It’s a double-chocolate (chocolate batter with chocolate chips), dunked in white chocolate. I say “unfortunately” because I am allergic to chocolate, so when I make them, I can only have, like, one, and I have to take Benadryl before I eat it.

What is your favorite place to go and just enjoy life?
I like outdoor cafés. I like to bring a book, grab a cup of coffee and a piece of cake or fruit, and just read all by myself, or people-watch. I make up stories in my head about the people I see. Sometimes I’ll come home and write them into short fiction.

If you are a vegetarian, don’t answer this….if not, what is your favorite type of meat product? Why?
I could never be a vegetarian. I love steak. LOVE IT. When I was a little kid, the price of beef was really expensive. We had ground beef sometimes, but mostly we ate a lot of turkey, which was cheap, or we had soy products that pretended to be beef. By the time we could afford steak, I was sick and tired of soy. Steak was delicious, and now I can’t get enough of it.

What is your favorite thing to do in the world, in your opinion?
I think my favorite thing to do in the world is to write. I put words together every day, whether I just leave a quick note for someone or write a 1,000 word blog post or add a couple of pages to my next book. I love watching letters turn into words, which turn into thoughts, and then to know that someone else is going to read those words and turn them back into thoughts in their own head … that’s powerful, to me.

What is the coolest thing you have ever seen?
Ooh, that’s hard. I have seen a lot of cool things. I think maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever seen was the British Museum. Every exhibit I went to had at least one really interesting fact that made me go, “Wow, I never knew that.” I want to go back to England someday and just spend a couple of weeks going to the museum every day, but take my time instead of being rushed on to the next big thing.

What makes you laugh?
It doesn’t take much. I laugh at everything from cute animals to stand up comedians, and I also laugh at gross jokes and bad puns. Laughter always makes me feel better, so I go out and actively look for it when I feel kind of depressed. If the news is bad, I turn it off and watch a comedy instead.



  1. Hooray for New Haven pizza!

  2. One of the best interviews I’ve ever read!

  3. she makes the worst. puns. ever.

    but, that’s kind of the idea, isn’t it?

  4. Thanks, Matthew! This was very interesting to read! And I learned a lot of things about Golfwidow that I did not know from her blog and website.

  5. Allergic to chocolate? Crazy talk!

    Great interview.

  6. A fine interview with a fine lady. Golfwidow rocks!

  7. And I’d say that about Golfwidow even if she wasn’t my podcast partner

  8. What a bummer to be allergic to chocolate when you love it so much! Maybe they’ll invent an immunization for that or something!
    Matthew… another great interview!

  9. Hi Matthew, the interviews are still great! i have a lot to catch up with since we moved to Australia but I will catch up. I have started the blog I intended to do months ago and am about to put my interview button on there.

    x cat

  10. Hey Matt,

    What’ve you been up to lately?

  11. Hey, what happened to Matt and Matt’s mom’s blogs?

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