Posted by: Matthew | January 17, 2008

The House Guest

My Mamaw is on vacation, and we are watching her dog. It is actually my mom’s dog, but she lives with my Mamaw because our fence is short and our neighbors have a pit bull. We brought her from Mamaw’s tonight and she met our cats. I wanted to put all of the pictures on my blog, but instead, I have this. My mom made it for me. You have to watch!



  1. WOW. Matt, this video is fantastic. I hope you also posted it on Youtube, because people will love it! Great job…the suspense, the commentary, the humor…a total package. You are a cool kid.

  2. OH my gosh, you totally have to lolcat some of those pictures!!! You guys know about lolcats right? I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? πŸ™‚

    Your cat pictures are awesome. I like the first one when kitty hears something — that look of suspicion and alarm. Hehehe.

  3. I think the music is what makes that a classic.

  4. where are the final cast credits with photos? I wanted to know which critter was which so I could follow along using their names!


    great stuff there!

  5. Dude, that really made me laugh.
    I needed a good laugh today.


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