Posted by: Matthew | January 7, 2008

My Interview With Rohan From The Fillet Skillet

This is my interview with Rohan from The Fillet Skillet. He is super cool because he is from Australia. Thanks for letting me interview you, Rohan.


G’Day Mate! I know you are from Australia…where in Australia? What is it like?
G’Day! Australia is a continent that is next to New Zealand and below Indonesia. The Pacific Ocean is to the east and the Indian Ocean is to the west. Australia is a great place to live because the people are friendly and laid back. The weather is also very nice in most of the country. I live in the tropical north of Australia at the moment so the weather isn’t quite as nice. It’s very hot and humid.

Have you ever visited Perth?
I have only been in Perth for one day in my entire life. I stopped over in Perth overnight on my way to South Africa for my sister’s wedding. It looked like a nice city, but it’s a long way away from almost everywhere. Perth is officially the most isolated capital city in the world!

What are learning as a trainee audio engineer?
When I started at my job at the beginning of the year I was learning how to take a recording somebody made in a studio and make it sound better by taking out background noise. I was also learning how to edit the tracks so I could take out the bits when people say ‘um’ and ‘ah’. I mostly do audio engineering on interviews that get played on a local radio station. Occasionally I’ll do some recording with the people in the studio and make sure they are talking loud enough – but not too loud!

You just moved. Was it hard or scary to move somewhere new?
Technically I wasn’t moving somewhere new because I was born and grew up in Darwin, so I still had friends there which made the move much easier. It was still scary though because I had never moved on my own before or lived away from my parents. I was moving across the country from the Gold Coast in Queensland to Darwin in the Northern Territory. I’m only in Darwin for one year though and then I move back, so I’m now getting ready to move all over again.

I read your story about the frog and the hermit crab in your house. What other exotic animals have you seen in your house?
That frog and crab was the weirdest thing ever! We keep chickens as pets in the back yard and occasionally one finds a way into the house. Also once my friend had an unwelcome rat we had to chase out of his room. There are lizards that live in the garden outside too, and sometimes I’ll find one in the laundry. Also we get big huntsman spiders that sometimes get into the downstairs living room or the bathrooms. *shudder*

What is your favorite place ever?
That’s a tricky one. I think in a way it’s Darwin, because I have so many childhood memories here. In another way it’s the Gold Coast because I know so many people there and it’s such a vibrant city. I think I’ll always be missing those two cities, even though they’re really nothing like each other!

Did you ever have braces as a kid?
Funny you should ask that. I never had braces but my teeth were growing very crooked so I had a big operation on my mouth where they pulled out four of my front teeth! While I waited for my front teeth to grow back I couldn’t bite into things because my incisors were sitting in a little bottle on my bedside table. It was worth in though, because now my teeth are perfectly straight.

If you are a vegetarian, please don’t answer this (unless you want to hurl)…otherwise…what is your favorite type of meat?

I like chicken. A lot. I think I eat chicken more than I eat any other kind of meat because it’s just so yummy. Roast beef is my other favourite though, especially with lots of gravy!

What is your favorite type of writing? What do you read?
When I was a kid I liked to read fantasy books more than any others. Now I like to read all sorts of things – biographies, classic literature, young adult fiction, non-fiction, history books – anything! At the moment I’m reading a book about a man who works on big oil rigs called This is Not a Drill it’s a very funny book full of true stories. Also in addition to books I like reading blogs and the news on the internet.

What do you dream about? What was the worst nightmare you have ever had?
My dreams are always weirdly disjointed and I only occasionally remember them. Often I’ll dream that I’ve forgotten to do something and that I’m in trouble or that I’m a spy and I have to sneak around. Other times I’ll dream that I’m a character in a computer game and the Earth is being invaded by aliens. Usually I’ll meet people I know in my dreams. The worst nightmare I had was about a zombie which chased me through my house, but I won’t go into detail in case some of your readers get scared! (Not everyone is as tough as us)

When is the happiest you have ever been in your whole life?
When I finished high school I was very happy, but I don’t know that I can pin it down to just that one time. When I finish something that I’ve put a lot of work in to I’m very happy. Otherwise I am very happy when I am eating ice-cream while I watch a movie or TV show that I really like. Christmas time is always a happy time for me too, because I like to get together with my extended family. We sit around and drink Lemon Lime and Bitters or Champagne and we eat things we’ve made like sushi or little cupcakes.

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?
This is such a difficult question! The frog and the hermit crab come close. My friend’s dad found another hermit crab in the downstairs living room the other day and that came even closer. Mostly the funny stuff happens to me though, like when I was young my Dad convinced me that spaghetti grew on vines in Italy and I believed him for ages.



  1. I would enjoy having pet chickens running into my house! But not tarantulas.

  2. I’m from Australia too!

    I think that the spaghetti growing on vines thing was an urban legend popularised by a BBC April Fools Day hoax.

    Interesting blog you have here, Matthew 😀

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