Posted by: Matthew | January 3, 2008

My Interview With Walter Bean of Super Psycho Magnet

This is my interview with Walter Bean of Super Psycho Magnet. She lives in Hawaii! Thanks for letting me interview you, Walter Bean!


Walter Bean is not your real name is it? What is your name? Why do you go by Walter Bean?
I regret that I am not able to reveal my secret identity at this time.
I started my blog under a pseudonym out of necessity. I’m in the military and we’re not supposed to express
political or religious opinions while in uniform, or as a representative of the military. So, I made up a name to write under and I put a disclaimer on my site letting people now that the opinions expressed are my own and not the opinion of the military or its officials.

Where do you live? What is it like where you live?
I live in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii.

It’s very nice here. It rains almost daily but usually for not very long. The clouds clear up quickly and the sun shines again. It’s very warm here all year round too. I grew up in a small town in Maryland and have always loved the different seasons for different reasons. I love autumn and winter because I get to wear sweatshirts. I don’t get to wear sweatshirts in Hawaii and that makes me sad.
There are a lot of tourists here too. Tourists are nice and I love meeting different people from all over the world. However, the thing I don’t like about tourists is they think they don’t have to abide by the laws here. The biggest example of this is cross walks.

There’s a huge problem with people crossing when they don’t have the right of way and then cars have to slam their brakes on and risk getting hit by the car behind them. Worse yet those people run the risk of getting hit OR getting caught by the police and getting a hefty fine!! If you ever come to visit Hawaii make sure to use the cross walks and only cross when you have the right of way. That way you won’t anger the people that live here.

I saw on your blog that your favorite type of dog is a beagle. Mine too. What other kinds of animals do you like?
I like all animals, even snakes, but I think my favorite animals are dogs. They’re so much fun and very loving. They know when you’re feeling sad and they will just sit with you quietly or lick your face to try to cheer you up. If you’re feeling playful they’ll play with you and chase you.
One of my other favorite animals are turtles. I went snorkeling in Shark’s Cove on the North Shore of Oahu and I got to see all kinds of fish. It was hard for me because I’m claustrophobic (afraid of closed in spaces) and I felt a little trapped in the water. I was also having a really hard time breathing with a snorkel too. I kept forgetting that I could breathe. It was like half of my brain was insisting I couldn’t breathe because I was under water but the other half of my brain was telling me I could. It was very confusing. So, I was kind of freaking out in the water and all of a sudden I realized I was swimming with a sea turtle. Everything instantly calmed down and I had a sense that everything was going to be fine. It was a very soothing feeling and now every time I see a turtle I feel at ease.
I like monkeys too. They’re silly. I think they look like little furry humans and do a lot of funny things.

Do you have any pets?
I have one dog named “The Honorable Betsy Fraggelina Treppe IV,” or just “Betsy” for short. When I moved to Hawaii a couple months ago I went looking for a cat to have as a companion but I didn’t see one at the Humane Society that I liked. I walked through the dog run on a whim and saw Betsy sitting in the kennel at the end. She was pressed all the way up against the door trying to sniff everyone that walked by. A lady there put her into a bigger kennel so I could play with her and I knew that she was the pup for me.
The adoption assistant told me that I was the third person to adopt her from there but she didn’t know why. After the first vet appointment with her the Doc told me that she has hip problems and that was probably the reason she had been taken back. She’s on medication to help her joints but she doesn’t seem to be getter better. The vet is going to do x-rays in a couple months to see it she’s getting better. He thinks she might be an early candidate for hip dysplasia If that’s the case she might need surgery. I know he’ll do a good job but I’m still very scared that it will be a permanent and uncorrectable problem.
I wouldn’t ever give her up though. Not for a million dollars. The problems that she has just means she needs that much more love and that is the least I can do for all the love she’s given me.

Do you know how many seconds are in a year? Minutes? Hours? Just curious.
I don’t know off the top of my head. Is looking it up really quick online cheating? If your answer is “yes” then my answer is, “No, I don’t know how many seconds, minutes or hours are in a year.” If your answer is “no” then MY answer, according to Google is: 31,556,926 seconds; 525,948.766 minutes; 8,765.81277 hours.

What type of clock do you like better? Analog or digital?
I like digital clocks better but I think analog clocks are classier. I have a learning disability where it takes my brain a little longer to process information.What happens when I look at an analog clock is I have to stare at it for a few seconds to really process what time it is. Then, I’ve got to look at my watch again because I quickly forget what time my watch just told me.
Analog is much easier for me to read and remember.

Has anyone you know died? What did you feel like at their funeral?
I’ve actually been to a lot of funerals. When I was a little girl I lost a couple of my older relatives and I can remember being at the funerals but I didn’t really understand what was going on. Once I got older I started going through a rainbow of different feelings. I’ve been mad at the person for leaving me. I’ve been mad at God for taking the person from me. I’ve been happy that the person has moved onto a “better place” and I’ve been extremely sad that I’ll never get to see the person again.

What do you like to do on weekends?
I’ve actually just started volunteering at the Humane Society up the street from me. I have one or two three-hour shifts on Saturday or Sunday. I work in adoptions and get to help people find an animal that’s right for them. Just this past weekend I got to help 2 families find their lost dog and 2 other families adopt a cat!
Other than that I like to hang out with my roommate. My work schedule has been really hectic lately so I’m really looking forward to just hanging out in my house, catching up on some crafty stuff and maybe baking something.

Do you like to travel? What is your favorite place to travel to?
Traveling actually stresses me out a lot. It takes me a long time to get comfortable in my surroundings and I always feel like I’m going to forget something extremely important and be lost forever. However, one of the most fun trips I ever took was the Qatar. I volunteered to go to Iraq last year for 6 months and because we were there they gave us a mini-vacation. We could choose to stay on the base or go to Qatar. We flew in for 4 days and it was so much fun! I was with one of my best friends in the whole world and we had such a great time! We got to go on a boat ride through the Arabian Gulf and we got to swim! We got to relax for 4 days straight. It was a welcome break from a very stressful job.

What is your favorite room in your house?
I think I like my kitchen the most. I’ve recently started baking again after a long stint of not wanting to have anything to do with any of the appliances in my kitchen except for the coffee pot and microwave. I’ve been buying a lot of magazines and asking a lot of people for different recipes and I feel like I’m baking really well. My Dad has always told me that I missed my calling in life by not being a chef or baker. Maybe that’s what I can do when I’m done with the military.

What makes you laugh?
There are TONS of things that make me laugh! My dog makes me laugh a lot! She loves to play and run and you can tell how happy she is. That happiness becomes contagious and I have a good time. My roommate makes me laugh a lot too. We both have a semi-dry and sarcastic sense of humor so we crack each other up a lot! There are a lot of movies and TV shows make me laugh too. I used to watch TV all the time but I stopped when I moved to Hawaii. I didn’t even have cable hooked up in my apartment. I do still buy DVD’s of TV shows so I can still keep up with my favorites. I think Scrubs is one of the funniest shows ever written. The Janitor is my favorite!



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  2. to figure the length of a year in seconds, you just have to know these numbers (which you know):

    365 days in a year
    24 hours in a day
    60 minutes in an hour
    60 seconds in a minute

    and then you just multiply them all together.

    31,536,000 seconds in a year. 🙂

    the reason google says the number it says is that it’s taking into account the “leap year” (a year is really 365.25 or so days).

    oh, google, you always try to make things so precise.

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