Posted by: Matthew | December 22, 2007

The Great Debate…Finally Some Results!

Matthew will be back soon after Christmas, but for now, here is the status on his room following The Great Debate, from my blog.

Matthew’s mom


So about nine million years ago, The Boy and I squared off on the issue of his messy room. You all voted and gave very well thought out suggestions. All big improvements on my approach to dealing with his pig sty of a room, which was banging my head against the wall and muttering obscenities under my breath. Before I post the pictures of what his room looks like now, I want to address a few things.

Many people noted that there was a lack of proper storage space in his room. Ah, but that is not so. All storage options were buried in his filth…..and you will see that in the new photos.

Many people mentioned that it was too overwhelming for him to be expected to clean on his own. You would be right. The Boy has never ever (Never in his life. Never ever ever. Did I mention Never?) cleaned his room on his own. That was my beef. I was at my wit’s end with helping him clean up his room, only to have it look like a hurricane hit it a day later. When the first set of photos were taken, it was only a week or so after his room had been gutted and cleaned top to bottom to fit in that evil futon. Which brings up another point mentioned….yes, his room is a wee bit crowded. That was his choice. He wanted that futon, that had been living in a box in the garage, in his room in the worst way. After a full 4 hours of assembly (the manufacturer had included the wrong bolts), and another couple hours of furniture Tetris, is was in. He was happy. He began calling his room “The Lounge.” The creation of “The Lounge” was part of his birthday present. We painted his room and hung posters as well. But still, a few days later, the filth returned to “The Lounge.” We needed a way to get The Boy to keep his mess at a manageable enough level for him to clean up himself.

So? What does his room look like now?


Look! No filth! Are you admiring my fantastic leopard print jammies?

And Look! Storage!



Quite a difference from this, isn’t it?


“The Lounge” and its host….


It’s been about a week, and the room still looks pretty close to what you see in the pictures. Why, you ask? How did we convince him to keep it clean? Well, both The Boy and The Girl were told that not a single present would be opened on Christmas morning if their rooms were not clean. While this is working for the short term….then what? Well, we have purchased a present for The Boy….one that he desperately wanted….one that I have been dragging my heels on……That present? Will only be accessible to him when/if his room is clean. Period. Will it work? We shall see. But for right now, I am going to go hang out in “The Lounge.”



  1. Nice room! Your mom said she will send you directly over to my house to do mine next, okay?

  2. Hello!
    Great work to you both on working out a way to get the room clean! I know it’s a real problem at our house, too!

    It looks like you really have a crowding issue in the ‘Lounge.’ (Love that name by the way!) If Matthew is really attached to the futon and would like the room, consider removing the bed and just using the futon.

    This will give him more room, and an incentive to keep the floor clear so the futom can be deployed.

    We had to loft our older son’s bed to make enough room for his stuff in a small bedroom.

    Good luck!

  3. Dude, The Lounge looks awesome!

  4. Oh, I need to show your new improved room to my 11 yr old. I joke that his room looks like a bomb went off in there. He will not throw anything away. He loves to collect. And everything is a memory to him. BUt he’d feel better if he were not sleeping in teh middle of a mess. I’m getting a lot of great ideas from your blog, Matthew, and I am so happy your mom helped you start it. It helps me understand my 11 yr old son, with Asperger’s. My son loves to do origami and legos. Maybe he could send you some of his origami sometime. You are a great kid, just like my son.

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