Posted by: Matthew | November 29, 2007

Dear Santa….

Dear Santa Claus:

How are you? How are your reindeer? Are they well fed? I have been half good and half bad. I hope I am not on the naughty list. I have plans to try to be nicer this year, to my sister and everyone that I have been bad to.

I would like a motor scooter, please. I would also like a Nintendo DS with the game, Catz, please. I would also like the MD-80 pc game that I have always wanted, please. I would like a Motorola Buzz walkie talkie phone, with the moto ring tone, please, please, please. All of the rest of the Matchbox airplanes, please. I would like a disk that can fix my computer, then put on internet access with Firefox, please. And everything that I’ve always wanted but forgot what they were.

I would also like my mom to have everything she ever wanted in her life. I would also like Bana (my step-dad), to have a truck just like our neighbor’s, but dark gray.





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  2. your list sounds much like my boys. except they have no plans to be nice to their sister.

  3. I really like your manners there Matt. I am sure that Santa will be impressed.

    Not sure if you will get everything you wish for, but you have been very specific which is good. Santa finds it hard to guess what kids want, cause they change their minds all the time!

    Make sure you are extra good and are kind to your sister 🙂

  4. Your list is fantastic. If being polite and asking nicely has anything to do with it, Santa will be sure to listen.

    I didn’t realize Matchbox made airplanes — I might have to look into that for my little boy! Thanks for publishing your list so the rest of us can get some ideas. 🙂

  5. “And everything that I’ve always wanted but forgot what they were.”

    Ha! You have the aptitude to be a lawyer someday, maybe one who writes blanket disclaimers.

  6. Whoa, Matt, that’s a good Christmas list! I hope you get your motor skooter, but you better be careful, dude!

  7. Hi Matt, good luck in getting your wishes. I like that you’ve asked for other people too. That would make your bad bits better I’m sure. Hope you and your family have a marvellous Christmas and new year.

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