Posted by: Matthew | October 24, 2007

My Interview with Marlena from Swatch This!

This is my interview with Marlena. She likes to knit. A lot. Thanks for the interview, Marlena!


Where do you live? What is it like where you live?
I live in Southern Maine. It’s beautiful where I live, people flock here in the summer to visit because of our beaches, lighthouses, and lobster. Personally, I prefer winter. It doesn’t snow like it did when I was a kid, but we still get a few good snow storms, and I think snow is so beautiful. I don’t even mind driving in it! Plus winter means lots of knitted stuff!

I know you love to knit. What is it like to knit? Why do you like it?
Once you get used to knitting, it’s very relaxing most of the time. At first I got frustrated because it took so long for me to knit one row, and if I made a mistake it meant a lot of work. Now I knit faster, so mistakes don’t bother me so much. I like it because I can do it while I do other things like watch a movie or read. It’s hard for me to do just one thing at a time, and knitting keeps my hands busy. Plus, I get cool sweaters and socks!

What is your favorite type of yarn?
I love cashmere! It’s very soft, like a kitten. I have one cashmere sweater that I knit, and I loved knitting it so much, I’m thinking about ripping it out so I can reknit it into something else. (Cashmere is expensive!)

You just did a fundraiser for a Memory Walk. Can you tell me more about that?
The Memory Walk is an event put on by the Alzheimer’s Association, and I’ve done five walks so far. This year was my most successful walk, mostly due to a yarn sale that I put on at my favorite yarn store. Non-knitters don’t really understand, but yarn is big business! The walk itself is fun. The site I walk from is one of the biggest, and there are tons of people there, and many of them are walking in honor of or in memory of someone with Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s Disease is a hard disease for everyone involved. People who have it forget things, and eventually they can forget family and friends. No one in my family has the disease, but I work in an assisted living facility so I know a lot of people who have it. The important thing to remember about someone with Alzheimer’s is that they can still feel happy and loved, even if they don’t recognize who you are, they’re still so happy to have company.

Do you have any pets?
I do! I have seven rats (two of them are foster rats, though), and two rabbits. The rats’ names are Eunice Ann (she’s an old lady at 2), Betsy June, Laverne, Shirley, Moose, Tina and Pearl. The rabbits are Mrs. Cooper and Baxter Brown. Rats are pretty easy pets to take care of, though they need lots of attention in order to be friendly and social. Rabbits are harder to take care of, they need more care and attention. One of our rabbits, Mrs. Cooper, is a Flemish Giant and 14 pounds! She’s too big for a cage and ornery, but we love her sassy attitude!

Do you have any tattoos? Of what?
I have five tattoos. I have a fairy on my back that I got as soon as I turned 18, a pixie on my left bicep, a daisy on my right shoulder, a frog on my right lower back, and a ladybug on my foot. The ladybug hurt the most, even though it’s small.

What is the funniest word you have ever heard?
I’m going to be completely honest here, even though it’s embarassing… the word “pee” never fails to make me laugh. I’m not sure why.

What is your favorite color? Why?
I thought that my favorite color was blue, but I’ve been buying a lot of green yarn lately, so I think that green might be edging out blue. I think that both of them remind me of sunny days, when I looks at those colors, I just feel happy and good inside.

What makes you laugh?
Everything! Seriously, sometimes I make myself laugh just imagining something. I’m also a sucker for slapstick. Physical comedy makes me laugh so hard, my belly starts to hurt. I love to laugh!

What is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to you?
When I was a little girl, only 5, my younger brother and I were staying at my grandmother’s house for the weekend, and she died. I remember being so afraid, though thankfully I knew to call the operator for help (this was before 911!). Of course, now I know that I had nothing to be afraid of, but back then I was terrified, and I’ve never been that scared since.

What is your favorite type of mammal?
That’s such a hard question. I love mammals! Lemurs are very, very cute though. They might be my favorite.

What is your favorite number in Roman numerals?
MLC, it’s my initials!

Do you have a favorite number (not in Roman Numerals)?
I like the number 3 in all of its forms, and also the number 13.

What do you think about when you are going to sleep at night?
I usually think about knitting, wishing I had more time for it, and thinking about projects I want to make.



  1. Huh. I think that may be the first time I’ve ever seen the phrase “foster rats”.

    I tried knitting once, and ended up with a very long pink scarf that really really wanted to roll itself into a tube. I think Marlena has inspired me to try again (hopefully with better results).

    Thanks Matthew and Marlena!

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Stefanie…I didn’t know that there were rat foster moms. I learn something new every day on your blog, Matt.

    I have a friend who works with lemurs. Marlena is right–they are very, very cute! My friend studies the way they run by recording them on treadmills. Apparently, they really enjoy treadmills (and cheese).

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  5. Great interview! Thanks Matt and Marlena : )

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