Posted by: Matthew | September 25, 2007

My Interview with Maggie from Mighty Girl

This is my interview with Maggie from Mighty Girl. Check out her awesome answers!. Thanks Maggie!


Where do you live?
In a sunny apartment in San Francisco, California.

What is it like where you live? Do you like it?
I love it here, mostly because I like San Franciscans. All cities have personalities, and San Francisco is fun and smart. Lots of the people who live here are doing things they’re passionate about, and enthusiasm is considered cool. That’s inspiring to me.

What is your favorite place in San Francisco?
There’s a restaurant called Zazie that has big latte bowls and a booth that’s surrounded by windows.

Have you ever been on the Golden Gate Bridge? If you have, what was it like?
I drive over the bridge all the time, and what it’s like depends on the day. When it’s sunny, the bridge is full of tourists walking across and taking photos. The sky looks like it goes on forever and it seems so blue between the red cables of the bridge. If it’s foggy, there aren’t many people out, and sometimes the fog is so thick that you can’t even see the top of the bridge. When the weather’s like that, the bridge can make you feel kind of lonely because it’s so big, and you’re so small by comparison.

You are a writer. What kinds of things do you write?
One nice thing about being a writer is that you can work on whatever interests you. I mostly am interested in things that help other people, so I tend to write a lot of how-to articles.

I know that you wrote a book. Can you tell me what your book is like?
My book is called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. It’s a writing prompt book for bloggers, and it’s full of ideas that are supposed to get you thinking about the most interesting parts of your own life or the things that are happening around you.

What is it like having a son?
It’s like the world gets bigger, because everyone is so interested in babies. Strangers stop to hold doors for you so you can get the stroller through, everyone worries about the baby when he’s crying, and people on planes offer to help you if you need it. It makes you realize how kind people can be.

What is your favorite number in Roman Numerals?
I like II, because I like the way the lines are parallel. They’d never touch, no matter how tall you made them.

What is the worst thing you have ever done as a kid?
I was more of a worried kid than a rebellious kid, so I don’t have much to tell you here. I used to sneak out to TP houses a lot, but that’s about it.

What is the most disturbing thing you have ever seen?
My father died when I was young, so seeing his body was very difficult.

Are you a happy person?
I really am.

What is your favorite color? Why?
Red, because it looks like it would taste good.

What is your favorite type of fruit? Why?
Cherries. I like how you have to pick through the bunch to find the best ones, and you can fit a whole one in your mouth. They’re delicious, and if you’re eating them outside it’s fun to spit the seeds.

What do you think about when you go to sleep at night?
I imagine what it would be like to fly, because I’m trying to learn to fly in my dreams.

Do you believe in aliens?
Yes. The odds are in their favor.



  1. red does look like it would taste good. man, i wish i lived somewhere like san fran. great interview matt! :o)

  2. Another great interview Matt! I agree with the comments from the previous interview, your questions are getting more creative. Keep up the good work!

  3. Excellent interview, Matt!

    You’ve asked some great questions. I like that your interviewees give such thoughtful answers.

    Though I have to admit I miss the questions about cats/pets. But that’s because I’m a cat person, too.

  4. Great interview! Maggie, I am totally going to order your book when I get paid! And I too love the color red because it looks like it would taste good! (I love just about any food thats red!)

  5. Hi Matt! As Maggie’s friend, I can vouch, she really is a happy person, and it rubs off on whoever’s around her. Great questions! My favorite was the aliens one.

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  7. You sound like a cool kiddo, Matt! That was a fun interview. Good job!

  8. This interview was fun to read. Thanks, Matt!

  9. Thanks for letting us read about Maggie! You did a nice job of letter her blog readers learn something new about her.

  10. I enjoyed this so much. Thanks, Matt!

  11. This whole project is really very cool, Matt. The questions are very interesting and fun, and I’m definitely going to stick around for all 100 of the interviews!

  12. Great interview Matt, thanks for sharing again 🙂 I love the thoughts-before-sleep question.

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  14. Great questions, Matthew! I really enjoyed reading this interview!

  15. Thoughtful questions and responses! Looking forward to reading your next interview. 🙂

  16. Great Job & a fun project! I really enjoyed your interview with maggie, and love reading all about you. You are a fun kid, with a big future ahead of you. keep up the good work sweetie!

  17. Thanks for interviewing Maggie, Matt. I read her blog, but I don’t know her, and it was really fun to learn more about a writer I like. Your project seems really neat. I liked your questions, particularly the one about what you think about before you fall asleep! I’d like to hear what you would answer to these questions.

  18. Nice interview! I used to live in Northern California and miss it very much. I’m glad you asked Maggie about the bridge. I’ve only been on it once in good weather, and it was quite something. I look forward to more of your interviews!

  19. Terrific interview Matt, really. When I teach, one of the most difficult things for me to come up with is good questions. You do very well at it.

    I am very glad to have found your blog! I will come back often.

  20. Maggie is my cousin and one of my most favorite people in the whole world. You picked a good one to interview and you asked GREAT questions!

    I can’t wait to see who’s next! 🙂

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