Posted by: Matthew | September 19, 2007

My Interview with Jeff from The Soda Fountain Podcast

Back to the interviews with my interview of Jeff from Behind the Soda Fountain. Thanks, Jeff!


Where do you live? What is it like where you live?
I live in Sherman Oaks, California. Seeing how you also live in Los Angeles I imagine it’s not that different. I share a small apartment with my friend Galen, who is this really cool guy who likes mountain biking and rappelling down the faces of cliffs. And practical jokes. He once duct-taped my sheets together so I couldn’t lift them up when I went to bed.

If you ever want to play practical jokes, duct tape is the way to go! I once duct taped all of a friend’s shoes to her ceiling in the middle of the night. It truly is the most versatile adhesive tool known to mankind.

You haven’t updated your blog all summer. What’s up?
I work at the Acme factory and I’ve been trapped under a piano all summer.

OK…not really. Here’s the real story. I did a couple of podcasts at the beginning of June with my friend Tommy, and we had a blast doing them! But Tommy writes motion picture scripts for a living and he got really busy working on his projects. So he was unable to continue on as a co-host. I haven’t been able to find a suitable full-time co-host and haven’t wanted to do it on my own.

And I’ve been very busy playing volleyball all summer and staying active.

However, I still jot down ideas for podcasts. And I’ve been itching to get back into them! Hey, maybe you’d let me interview YOU on a podcast?!

Why did you start your blog?
I started my first blog (now discontinued) back in 2005 during a fit of boredom at work. It was fun, during the slow boring days, to stretch my creativity and imagination.

I noticed one day on the phone with my friend Craig that we both had an interesting take on life and were having some wonderful adventures that were fun to talk about. Sometimes you just find a friend that you have great “chemistry” with and it’s easy to play off each other. So, I created the new improved Soda Fountain (with quicker cleaning action) to post podcasts of us telling stories.

Finally, I’ve always had an affinity for old radio shows. It’s a lost art, telling imaginative stories that can capture the imagination. Since I can’t go back in time I decided to create my very own 15 minute weekly radio show.

You play guitar? What is it like to be a musician?
Yes, I play guitar. I actually do a lot of stuff musically. I started singing as soon as I could talk…my parents used to have tapes of me making up songs about trains when I was a little boy! When I was old enough my parents had me start taking piano lessons….I got in trouble once for falling asleep on the floor during a piano recital. Oops! The music was just so relaxing, though!

I started playing drums when I was in 8th grade and continued all through college. I used to practice about 8 hours a week, going into the rehearsal hall in college at about 11 PM and staying until 3 AM a couple of nights a week. I was very proud of my drumming talent and LOVED playing the drums. But when I got out of college and moved to an apartment I found that my neighbors weren’t so hot on having a drummer next door. And that put an end to my drumming career.

I started playing guitar when I was 14 and wrote my first song when I was 16. It was HORRIBLE! But you’ve got to start somewhere.

What is it like being a musician? I love it! It’s an amazing feeling to record something and spend a lot of time getting it just right. And then you listen to the mix and think “Wow! That’s exactly like I heard it in my head!”

But it’s also a lot of hard work. It takes a LOT of practice. And writing songs can take a very long time (if you do it right). I usually re-write my lyrics at least 3 times to get the wording just perfect and play around with different chords to make sure that the music and lyrics fit together perfectly to paint exactly the picture that I’m trying to paint.

Not only that but it can be very lonely working in the studio. It takes a VERY long time to do things right. When I’m recording I spend a lot of time behind a computer, listening very carefully and mixing things over and over. Sometimes I spend 3 or 4 hours working on just 15 or 20 seconds of music! All of the different instruments in a “mix” have to be mixed just right or the song can actually make someone’s ears tired.

Finally, being on stage is a wonderful experience. It’s a very special feeling to know that I’m connecting with an audience, that they’re feeling through my music what I’m feeling when I play and sing it.

What is the funniest word you have ever heard?
Wow. This is a tough question. I’ve been trying to think of a funny word now for about 30 minuteI’d have to say “Winnebago” is a pretty funny word.

What is your favorite dessert? Why?
Hmmmm…I have so many! I think anything with chocolate in it has my vote!Oh! I know! Chocolate fountains! Have you ever seen one? You can dip ANYTHING in them! I once dipped a pork roast in a chocolate fountain and it was delicious!

OK, not really. But I’m sure it would have been delicious if I had.

If you are a vegetarian, please don’t answer this…otherwise…what is your favorite type of meat?
Without disrespecting any vegetarians, I don’t understand how someone could NOT like meat! It’s just so….so delicious!

I’d say a well-seasoned hamburger is probably my favorite. Fatburger has incredible burgers!

What is your favorite type of clock? Analog or digital?
I actually have a specific, favorite clock. For Christmas last year my family got me a clock that runs backwards! I put it up at the office here for a couple of weeks and it really confused people. Now it’s up at home.

What is your favorite type of pet?
I’m a “dog” person. I don’t understand people who don’t like dogs…that’s like saying you don’t like “unconditional love.” A dog will always love you and will always be happy to see you. True, they take a little work but it’s worth it.

But I also like cats. Especially if they have a dog’s personality.

What is your favorite type of taste? Bitter, sweet, salty, or sour?
This is an AWESOME question! How do you come up with these?

I probably like “sweet” tastes more than anything. I especially don’t like “sour”…sour candy is gross! I’d rather put a cat in my mouth than eat sour candy.

What is the worst date you have ever been on?
I actually just got back into the dating scene after being out of it for a looooooong time. And so far the dates have been fine. Nothing amazing, but fine.

The worst date I had was probably high school prom my Junior year. I went with this girl named Rachel who kept telling me, the entire night, “I wish I wasn’t here!” Over and over. Before long, I also wished she wasn’t there! When I finally offered to take her home she told me she was having fun and didn’t want to go.

I didn’t talk to her much after that.

What is the worst thing you ever did as a kid?
I was a pretty tame kid, especially compared to my older sister (who tried her hand at driving a car when she was 13). I mean, when your older sister does everything first what other option do you have besides lay low and play it cool?

Probably the worst thing I did was break into an old, abandoned factory with some friends when I was 13. It was pretty cool…a very good memory. We had heard rumors that there was a basketball court and a pool on the top floor. We didn’t get up that high to look before getting spooked but it was kind-of neat to look around, after dark, at all the old abandoned machinery.



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  4. It really would be fun interviewing you and your mother….

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