Posted by: Matthew | July 6, 2007

Matthew was Interviewed by a Bear!

Oh yes, he was. Take a look.

Done by Tracey from Yeah, My Foot….err…Nibbles, the bear.



  1. You are a good interview subject, even as reenacted by a bear.

  2. that was great! i love your new picture! :o)

  3. LOL That was so cool! Matthew I’m impressed by how smart you are and how much you know! Especially about cats… you sound like you could be an animal psychologist! Maybe you could meet my crazy kitty some time and tell me why he’s always trying to escape through the back fence and why he loves to bite my feet!

  4. Matthew, I listened to most of it (snuck it in at work) and I loved it. About time you were interviewed. And you like Johnny Cash so you are really cool.

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