Posted by: Matthew | May 16, 2007

My Day in LA

These are some pictures I took when we went to LA last week. I took them out the car window as we were driving down the freeway. There were a lot of cool old bridges. There was also a lot of graffiti. I think LA should be renamed Graffiti Town! I wanted to take a picture of the Hollywood sign, but it was too small for my camera to pick up.











  1. You are a great photographer, Matthew.
    Keep on clicking.

  2. Hey I know that graffiti! Nice pics, hope you liked it in LA.

  3. Those are great pictures Matthew! I love photography, thanks for sharing with us!

  4. You are a very talented young photographer, Matthew!

  5. Matthew, great photos! I just came across your blog. I plan to go back and read all of your interviews – you ask great questions.

  6. Hi Matthew, pretty cool blog you have here. I like the interviews, awesome idea.

    (Cool pictures too 😀 )

  7. You are a really good photographer. I like the way you see things. Perspective is important for an artist, and you certainly have it.

  8. I just found your blog this morning. Love the pictures!! Sounds like you are having a lot of great experiences with your family – enjoy!

    oh, and if you want an ordinary 30-something working mom for your interviews you can count me in.

    Ondrea from Denver, CO

  9. Graffiti Town, USA. Local baseball team: The Taggers. (because “tagging” is what “graffiti artists” call their art.)

    Why I know these things is beyond me…

    Great pics!

  10. How did you like LA? I have never been there! I’ve heard it smells bad.

    – AnGeL

  11. Matt, your pictures are great! I love LA, and you are so lucky that you get to experience it all so young! (I didn’t make it out there until i was 21, but that’s a whole story in itself…) You are an amazing writer for someone so young. Keep it up, I love checking back to read about you and your adventures!

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