Posted by: Matthew | May 10, 2007

Project Update From Matthew’s Mom

Hi. This is Mel, Matthew’s mom. I wanted to give an update on how his interview project is going. First of all, thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of Matthew by reading his blog and commenting. We really appreciate it. Matthew tries to respond to all of his comments, but it may take quite awhile. So if you left a comment and haven’t heard back yet, your comment has been read (probably more than once) and appreciated. It just takes him quite a bit of effort to respond….so we only do a few at a time.

Thanks to Matthew, from defective yeti, Sarah Brown, of Que Sera Sera, and Steve, from the Sneeze, Matthew has had lots of volunteers to be interviewed. That is so awesome! If you volunteered, you have been put on our list. Matthew has read your info and/or looked at your blog or website (probably also more than once!). Matthew is able to do about 3-5 interviews per week…depending on his mood and his schoolwork…and schedule. We have created a page here with the list of volunteers, in order, so you can see where you are. Click the Interview List button on the page list. The page is password protected, so if you have volunteered, you will receive an email in the next day or so with the password, so you can go have a look.

We are so overwhelmed at the amount of people who have volunteered. This is turning out to be the most awesome project! Everyone is so kind. Matthew still needs more interviews to meet his goal. It is not too late to volunteer. You don’t need to be famous or have an out of the ordinary job. If you think this is a cool project that you would like to be a part of, please , don’t hesitate to volunteer. Matthew (and our whole family) has already learned so much through this project. We can’t wait to see the finished book. Matthew has just started working on the photography aspect of it. The tentative completion date is Matthew’s birthday at the end of September. We’ll see…..

Thank you again everyone. I really can’t express just how amazing this project has been for Matthew!



  1. Hey, I’d love to volunteer. I’m not famous or ‘special’ in any way, but I am totally awesome. Though not as awesome as Matthew.

  2. I would love to be interviewed as well. I’m always up for helping! I know I’m not famous either but sometimes regular people are where the proverbial *IT* is at. I am new fairly new to the blogging community as well.

  3. One more thing… I know a high school teacher in Maryland that has made an impact on many many lives (mine included) that would be great to interview as well!

  4. I volunteer to be interviewed. The only thing unusual about is that I was fired from my job for things I wrote in my blog (a blog that Matthew should definitely not read without his Mom’s permission). I can talk about switching careers, being a new dad, how not to blog, and why it’s hard to be an atheist in America.

  5. I would like to volunteer to be interviewed! Something that you and your family may find interesting is that I was homeschooled for my entire school career.

  6. I will volunteer. I have two blogs, another at which is more technical. I run a small open source tech company, have 3 kids (2 steps, +1 biological, all boys). My middle kid is autistic.

  7. I’d love to volunteer! I’ve been reading your blog and I love it! Such a fantastic idea, and it’s kinda neat to see your questions to people/their responses. I’ve passed on the info to some kids that I helped home school in Togo W.Africa too… one of them started blogging a little while ago, I’ll get her to leave you a note 🙂

  8. I would love to volunteer as well. During the day, I’m a network technician for a K-12 school district in the midwest. At night, I become TheGameCollector, dedicated to the preservation of computer games new and old. I have one of the largest collections of PC games in private ownership (over 900 individual titles), and contribute occasional articles to My wife and I are currently homeschooling our two kids, and have a baby on the way. I’ve been going back to school lately, so my blog hasn’t been updated much, but now that summer’s here I can get back on it.

  9. Hey Matthew,
    Great stuff little man!
    If you’d like,. you can put me on your list..Im not famous but Im amusing..well, I amuse myself anyways..and isn’t that important??
    be good

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