Posted by: Matthew | May 10, 2007

My Interview with Jen from Australia

This is my interview with Jen. She was one of the very first people to volunteer to be interviewed. She always leaves me comments. She is cool. Thanks, Jen!


Where do you live?
I live in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia (a two hour plane flight from Sydney. I’m saying that because most people have heard of Sydney)

What is like where you live?
Adelaide is not a huge city – about 1 million people so I get the benefits of city living without it being too busy here. I have lots of friends close by with kids around my son’s age so that’s a bonus. The weather is not too cold in winter but can get pretty hot in summer. It doesn’t ever snow near my house (my son really wants to see some snow).

What is the time difference between Australia and California?
From memory California is about 16 hours behind. When I flew to California many years ago I got there not long after I left here because of the time difference which was kind of weird. If I’d flown the other way around I would have lost a day.

You have a little boy. What do you like best about being a mom?
The feeling of unconditional love I have towards him. I’ve never felt that for anyone before. I also love being able to hug and kiss him all the time because I know that he won’t let me do that for ever. It’s also the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and the hardest work I’ve ever had, but like most challenges, the feeling of accomplishment at what I’m doing is pretty good. My life sure would be different if I wasn’t a mum.

Is it hard being a single mom?
Yes. It’s unrelenting because I rarely get a break. For many reasons he’s never met his dad and therefore I don’t get time off like many sole parents do. I’m also responsible for all the decisions and the finances and that’s scary sometimes.

I know that you contribute to an animal website called Pets. What is like writing about pets?
I’ve been a bit slack with my Pets contributions lately but I just really write about my dog. Like children, there’s always something to write about regarding pets as they’re always up to something.

What is your favorite animal?

Do you have any pets?
I have my dog, Monty, and I have two fish. I’m not very good with fish because some have died in my care, but the two I have left are doing very well. They must be hardy. I am also looking after my parents’ dog at the moment, Connie. She’s very small and very cute.

What is a border collie like?
Monty also has some Labrador in her. She is very loyal to me and to my son. When we go swimming at the beach and she can’t come in because she’s afraid of the smallest wave she will stand at the shore and bark at us. I think she’s letting us know that she’s on the lookout for us. She will even do this for people she doesn’t know which can be annoying when we want a quiet relaxing time at the beach.

If we’re at the playground and she loses sight of one of us her ears will prick up and she will look for us and will only be happy again when she finds us.

She also likes rolling around on the grass or the sand which is pretty funny to watch.

Border Collies are also good sheep dogs although Monty has hardly seen a sheep in her life. I think the loyalty and smartness help them be good at herding sheep.

If you have ever been on an airplane…what was it like? Are you afraid of flying?
Yes, I’ve been on an airplane a few times as I did a two year backpacking/working trip in the early 1990s. I’m not afraid of flying but I don’t really enjoy it because I never sleep very well, there’s not much room and I’m very conscious that the plane might crash. I don’t want to be in a plane crash, although it’s more likely I could be in a car crash.

What are you afraid of?

What is your favorite place just to go and enjoy life?
Being able to get out into an open space is important to me so I really like the beach because of the space and I love the sound of the waves coming to the shore. We’ve got some fantastic beaches on the Fleurieu Peninsula and while it takes longer to get there than some other beaches closer to my house it’s definitely worth it. Otherwise I like visiting my friends or have my friends visit me, so if I’m with people I enjoy, I don’t really mind where I am.



  1. Hi Matthew, these interviews are going really well. So many different types of people from so many places. You must have thought this all out really carefully. Well done. xc

  2. When you’ve interviewed all of these people, just think of how much you will have learned!

  3. Hi Matthew! Can’t wait for my turn to be interviewed! You are doing a great job. What a fun project! Keep up the good work.

  4. Hello Matthew! This is a great interview! You ask very good questions and get very interesting answers in return! I look forward to your next one!

  5. Hi Matthew, Could you do a huge favour for me please? I’ve moved my blog, therefore the address you’ve linked to at the top of this page to my blog goes to the old address which won’t work after a short time. The new website address is and I plan to stay there for a while yet. Thanks.

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