Posted by: Matthew | May 10, 2007

Another CA Wildfire

Outside my house, in California, I videotaped a fire and took some pictures, and I would like you to see them. I was coming out to the kitchen for a snack and what drew my attention, was a loud roar. I went to the window and there was a gimongous smoke cloud rising. Then I got my camera and started taking some pictures. I started seeing dozens of airplanes and helicopters going around. At the same time you could hear sirens from all around. I wanted to be the first one to do my own live at-home, eye-in-the-sky, KYNZ channel 1812, at Matthew’s house live broadcast. I hope you look at these pictures.

I wrote this on Tuesday. The fire is all out now. But here are the pictures.

Fire 1

Fire 2



  1. Hi Mathew,
    I like your pictures, they’re quite auto-descriptive. But, I must ask: who taught you the letter pairing of “gimongous?” I have to ask as the spouse of a high school English teacher. In recent times I’ve seen “ginormous” come to pass, as it too, is not a word.

    I suppose I’m not criticizing as much as I’m asking… where did that come from?

    Thanks for the pictures.


  2. They way you’ve shot this looks like the fire is at the back of your house. We even heard about the fires over here so they must have been huge. I’m glad the fires are out now.

  3. Yikes. The smell of wildfires is so odd, isn’t it? Every time I smell one I get really nervous and I want to go make sure my neighborhood hasn’t burned down.

  4. When I went out to my car on Thursday morning it had a thin layer of ashes on it. When you grow up in Illinois (like I did) life can sure be weird here in California!! 🙂

  5. That looks scarily close to your house! how far away was it?


  6. You must be quite the adventurer! If I had been as close to a wild fire as you apparently were, I’d have run as fast as possible in the other direction! Thanks for sharing those pictures with us, Matthew!

  7. Those are captivating pictures, Matthew.

    Great interviews too (I know that this comment is out of place but I read your last three posts right in a row.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. “gimongous” just made it into my daily rotation of words. Awesome!

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