Posted by: Matthew | May 8, 2007

The New Girl in Town

I have a new kitty:


She is a playful breed. She is part Oriental short hair and part something else. If we were to lose her in any way, my heart will break into a zillion bajillion pieces. She is very funny. Her name is Delilah. We got her from a shelter called Zara’s List. We saw her her at Petco. It was sad when we saw her in her little tiny cage. We stayed and played with her for over an hour. She was a really cool cat. When it was time to go, my sister and I had a little bit of tears.

She has a small face, big ears, big eyes, she is black, and very small. My step-dad said she was “homely”!!!!! The rest of us said she was lonely. I am glad we have her. Most of my camera is filled with pictures of both of my cats. I love my cats.

Keith Up Close

I have made some videos of my cats. I call it the CatCam. You can see more here.

If you have a funny video of your cat and/or dog, (or your fish), please send me a link. I may put it on my blog (unless you don’t want it on my blog).



  1. Your new cat is awesome! Congratulations! No joke, I also adopted a cat this past weekend and her name is also Delilah.

  2. Your cats don’t seem to enjoy being video stars much. But they are cute.

    My wife and I recently got a dog. My little puppy is Herwin. You can see pics of him at

    I also made a silly video of him at

  3. Your new kitty is very cute. I’m so happy for you. New pets are so much fun!

    When I got my puppy, Betsy, I thought about naming her Delilah! Does that count for anything? You can see Betsy playing with one of her toys here!

  4. Hey Matt,
    Both your cats look awesome. It’s very cool how much you love animals. I believe that people who love animals also really care about other people. thanks for sharing about your new friend.

  5. Congratulations on your new little kitty! New animals are so much fun! I got a new puppy recently, but don’t have any videos of her just yet, but here are some pictures of all of my animals. They big gray cat is Grace, the white cat is Menchi, and the black dog is Scout.

  6. Congratulations on your new kitty! You must be so excited! I think Delilah is a lovely name.

  7. Hey Matthew!
    Here’s a cool video of my friends new French Bulldog puppy:

    I heard about your blog from the Sneeze and wanted to mention that I also build robots! Mine was in the DARPA Grand Challenge and can be seen on Monster Garage and on my website:

    Great blog and best of luck,

  8. Two cats down, 48 to go.

  9. Oh I love your videos! (I like the flamingo one, too!) I have videos of my kitty, but my camcorder is the old kind that makes VHS tapes, not the kind you can put on the computer! I have a really funny video of my kitty emptying out my pajama drawer so he can lay in it!
    Aren’t cats awesome?
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Matthew I think your cats are great! We have two dogs, a lazy laid back basset hound and a crazy little terrier.
    This is a video of the terrier (Vanna) chasing the water from the hose while our basset hound (The Baron) hides behind our lawn chairs.

  11. I think she is very pretty!
    What does your older cat think of Delilah?

  12. Hi Matt! I really like your website – your interviews are great. I just read your interview with Mr. Sneeze, who is kind of my hero. Kind of.

    I have a small, black cat named Delilah too. She’s kind of crazy, but I love her.

  13. cool video

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