Posted by: Matthew | May 1, 2007

My Interview with Steve from The Sneeze

This is my interview with Steve from The Sneeze. Steve is cool. He has a cool blog (that I am not allowed to read) and eats gross things. He is the coolest because he set up my interview with Adam Savage. Steve, you rock!


What is your favorite Steve, Don’t Eat it volume?

I’m not sure I have a favorite. I like them all for different reasons. They’re each uniquely gross in their own special way. Just like boogers. But I did think the Beggin’ Strips was a pretty fun one. That’s probably near the top of my list.

What happens to you when you eat sugar? A lot of sugar?

When I eat sugar I tend to say things like, “Mmm.” because sugar tastes pretty good. If I eat a lot of sugar I usually feel sick and guilty about it. Then I say thing like, “That’s it. I’m not eating anymore candy. I’m done. I’m off sugar.” And then that whole cycle repeats again the next day.

Where do you live?

I live in Los Angeles, CA.

What is it like where you live?

It’s warm and sunny a lot. If you like traffic, it’s awesome.

Do you have kids?

I do. Two boys. They are currently 3 and 7 years old. My wife and I have decided to keep them. Partly because we love them and partly because the hospital won’t take them back after 90 days.

Do you like the Discovery channel?

I LOVE the Discovery Channel. One of my favorite shows is Mythbusters, which happens to be on the Discovery Channel. I watch Mythbusters with my kids all time. It’s got science, explosions and Adam being a goof. What more could you ask from a TV show?

My step-dad works for a robotics company. I saw on your site you like robots. If you could have a robot to do something for you, what would it be?

I would like a robot that would give me a shave in the morning while I’m still sleeping. I hate shaving. You’re only 9, so you don’t know what a drag shaving is yet. But you’ll see. Maybe by the time you hit shaving age, I’ll be able to loan you my shavingbot. Unless your mom thinks that wouldn’t be sanitary.

What are you afraid of?

I don’t like things underwater. Like watching videos of real sunken ships or planes at the bottom of the ocean. There’s just something about it that creeps me out.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

I remember when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade it had snowed and I was sitting there at school with snow all stuck in my boots. Eventually the snow melted into a puddle and I was accused of peeing at my desk. It’s not cool to be labeled a desk pee-er when you didn’t even get to have the satisfaction of doing it. Not cool at all.

What is your favorite number in Roman Numerals?

Hmm. Awhile ago I probably would have said XL. XL isn’t only 40, it’s also the size t-shirt I’d usually buy. But I’ve lost some weight, so now I’m down to a 50 (L). Maybe someday I’ll be able to squeeze into a 1000.

What is your favorite color? Why?

I like orange because it’s bright and fun — which is why it’s one of the main colors on The Sneeze. But most of my clothes are boring and blue.

What is your favorite type of mammal?

My wife. I also like bacon, but that’s more of a former-mammal.



  1. I read somewhere that people who answer questions with questions are untrustworthy.

    P.s. He ain’t kidding about the shaving. Imagine if you had to take the trash our every morning, and if you ever forgot or just decided not to do it you’d have to walk around all day with the word “LAZY” written across your chin with a Sharpie. That’s what shaving is like.

  2. Steve is so funny! It must have been fun to interview him.

  3. What a fab interview. I see great things in the future for you, young blogger. 🙂

  4. Mathew. I am a big fan of Steve and The Sneeze, and now a fan of your blog. Great job finding interesting and varied people to interview. You should be proud of yoiur project, and keep the interviews coming.

  5. These questions are getting better and better!

  6. Mathew, YOU ROCK! You should really be proud of your web sight..(I bet you are!) I am a mom and I am proud of you! I cant wait to show your sight to my 12 year old son tonight…

    keep up the posts..I am going to keep reading your stuff…

  7. Top shelf young lad, top shelf.

    I would just like to add that Steve’s wife is my favorite mammal too, but don’t tell Steve.

  8. Awesome Interview.

  9. Nice interview! Isn’t Steve awesome?

  10. Steve is right about the shaving thing, it is no fun at all. I’m not sure what you are looking forward to doing when you grow up but you can cross shaving off of the list. Instead look forward to driving, staying up late and eating cereal for dinner.

  11. haha steve is uber cool

  12. “My wife. I also like bacon, but that’s more of a former-mammal.”


  13. I’m way envious that you got to interview him – good on you, and awesome job.

    Also hugely taken with Matthew’s shaving/garbage analogy. Which is only true if you can’t pull off the scruffy look. But that’s most professionals, so he does make an excellent point.

  14. I’m with Steve on stuff underwater that shouldn’t be underwater (like ships, boats and trees). Seeing airplane wreckage or a boat sinking also freaks me out.

    Good interviewing, young man.

  15. Great job, Matthew. I could learn a thing or two about blogging from you. P.S. Girls don’t like to shave, either. But that’s for another day.

  16. I enjoyed this interview.

    Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions that make your subject squirm, such as “which of your children is the best?”, and “why so much foul language Mr. Potty mouth?”.

  17. Awesome interview!! I too get creeped out by stuff underwater. I thought it was only me, so I thank you Mathew for letting me see that I am not alone in the world of “creepy underwater stuff”. Pickles!

  18. Hi, Matthew, I was homeschooled, too, but I never did cool things like interview people! (well, I interveiwed my Grandpa once, and he’s pretty cool, but no one knows who he is…)
    I think you might enjoy excerpts from my website, too (but your mom might have to pre-read it, just in case… ), although it isn’t nearly as funny as Steve’s. I’m traveling the west coast with my husband right now, rock climbing and exploring cool places. The site is, check it out and let me know what you think!
    I hope I’m as cool as you are now when I grow up!

  19. […] My Interview with Steve from The Sneeze This is my interview with Steve from The Sneeze. Steve is cool. He has a cool blog (that I am not allowed to read) and […] […]

  20. Awesome blog Matthew! It’s so cool that as a homeschooler you can do something so cool to express yourself when you don’t have something like a school newspaper (I was the editor-in-chief of my high school one)–that and you totally have the freedom to write about stuff that interests you! Public schools don’t let you do that anymore. Lucky. Wish I had been home-schooled as cool as you have been!

  21. Mmm.. Bacon…

    Everything is better with Bacon.

  22. Hey there! I love your interview with Steve, you’re right he is very cool. You have good taste in aeroplanes too, my fave is a DC3! My boyfriend is a pilot and we live in remote (feels that way) Darwin at the top end of Australia so that he can fly around all day. If you ever need a pilot in Oz to interview drop us a line!

  23. lol, I’m a big fan of former mammals too!
    Good job with your interview, keep up with it, writing is such a great tool to be able to master!

  24. What a creative clever idea! I’ll take a button for my site! I home school my two girls 9 and 6.

  25. Wow, you got a lot of comments on that one, huh? That should keep you busy for a while! 😉 You’re starting to get pretty famous, aren’t you!!!

    I wish you could come over to my house right now and take my cat for a walk in the backyard. He is begging me to take him out but I am too busy right now!!!!!

    – Angel

  26. You rock Matthew, Kuddos for catching the elusive interview of the year! Steve and the sneeze are wonderful and you posed the Steverific line of questions!

  27. Great interview! And I love the header on your site!

  28. Good evening, Matthew!

    I would like to start off by saying what an interesting kid you are! Most 9-year-olds get a bad reputation from people my age (I am 17, by the way), but I’m glad to see that there is at least one who has broken free from that circle of immaturity.
    I would also like to say how odd it is that I feel a relation to you, especially since I am almost twice your age! I read the ‘About The Boy’ article linked to your front page. Although I am not diagnosed with the same things you have, I suppose I am diagnosed with similar things. I have systemic lupus (there is more information here:, a disease that attacks the auto-immune system and as a result I have very sensitive skin, kind of like you (according the the article about you). I also have pervasive developmental disorder (there is more information here: which is, in short, a type of autism, and dysthymia (more information here:, which is a form of depression.
    All of these are frustrating to deal with, especially all at once and ESPECIALLY during the teenage years. Technically I am considered ‘disabled’, which is wierd, because I’ve always considered that word to have to do with a person’s physical attributes. I guess being ‘disabled’ makes me ‘less than normal’, even though I don’t feel inadequate. But what is normal anyway?
    I know I am smart, I just have trouble applying my knowledge or making sense of things. For example, what is up with symbolism? It doesn’t make sense to me that one thing can stand for another! One thing is one thing and another is another! You see, this is why I am good with numbers. The number one is the number one. It is NEVER the number three! You see?
    Anyway, even though it has been a struggle for me, I am managing to get past it. I have an awesome job at the movie theatre (which I might add, I continually excel at), and I am persuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. And I know the struggle is not over.
    Well, I can see that I am starting to ramble on and on about MYSELF (a bad habit of mine), and I think I should lead this back on track to what I was trying to say!
    I enjoy reading your blog because I know the person who is writing it faces some of the same challenges that I do! And that is great. YOU are great. I mean, we both like cats AND airplanes. Although, you like them much much more than I do. You actually go and research them, whereas I just enjoy observing them. When I was 13 I wanted to be a pilot, but unfortunately one needs perfect vision in order to become a pilot, and I have glasses.
    Well, I suppose I should wrap this up. Keep up the great work! Haha and maybe you could interview me someday?? Haha. Maybe someday when I am a semi-famous artist (hopefully art will actually prove to be a meaningful career for me)! Haha or sooner! Hahaha.

    Peace out!

    From Brianna

    P.S. I hope this wasn’t too long for you!

  29. Love your blog! I’m presently writing a children’s book and needed to get a feel for a tween boy’s perspective. I just happened to find you through Steve’s blog. Very impressive interview! I’m looking forward to seeing your next one soon. And that advice from one of your readers to not be afraid of questions that make your subject squirm? Excellent! Maybe you could do an entire interview of squirmy questions.

    Keep up the good work

  30. Fine and funny work. You’ll be a writing star before long.
    Tip: never aim to become a shooting star. Why not?

    Shooting stars get arrested.

    Or is it more like that shooting stars
    requires a really long-range rifle?

    Silly me. Well, if you’re now confused too,
    then we’re even.

    Again, thanks for interviewing Steve.

    Final tip: Never eat what you wouldn’t write yourself.
    But, please, do not eat your interview of Steve.

    Let’s let him print it out and eat it himself (for his blog),
    your interview printed on glossy plastic-y photo paper.
    I wonder what ink tastes like? Steve says he likes oranges.

    Thanks for the fun,

  31. It’s me again, Matthew.
    Since I posted a while ago, I’ve read more about you.
    I see the kind of nice people you draw around you like lights.
    Brianna is one of them.

    Anyway, the reason I’m commenting again is to let you know
    I have a story to read to you via a link to a recording
    (if your Mom agrees).

    I’ll send you a link in a few days via your Mom.

    Maybe you’ll like the character in the story. He could be me.
    He could be a little like you, too.
    OH, I also have a story of my long-ago childhood.
    It’s about an electric airplane, a toy.
    That story is about how things don’t always go according to plan.
    But it’s alright.

    We can always make do with what we have;
    in fact, adversities are what cause people to become extraordinary;
    special, like you and your family.

  32. I am so impressed! You are very talented and an exceptional blogger! Keep up the great work, I’m already a big fan!


  33. Hey there young blogger! Very impressive stuff…don’t bother visiting my blog just yet…not exactly up and running at full speed…more like puttering along like a sick Volkswagen…

    anyway, I just wanted to add one comment about shaving:

    I haven’t done it in more years than you’ve been around…just another option.

    later –


  34. This layout ROCKS SOCKS, just like YOU, Matthew! ^_^b Keep up the excellent work, I’ll be stopping by again!

  35. Great job! I’m a huge fan of Steve’s blog and always happy to read a new blog. It will be interesting to read your interview with Adam Savage, I’m a huge fan of Mythbusters too.

    You should check out my blog, I don’t think your mom would have to censor it, I try to keep it PG —

    It’s a story blog that I’ve been writing. I have a few more posts but haven’t gotten around to putting them up yet.

    see ya!

  36. I found my way here through The Sneeze, too, and you have yourself one more regular reader. Adding you to my feed reader right now.


  37. […] kid at the computer and helps him understand what he’s doing from a more mature standpoint. She does her share of vetting, but not so Matt is left out in the dark, but guides and encourages her child to explore his world […]

  38. nice interview! i like the questions you chose.

  39. Hey Matthew,

    Nice interview! Your question about choosing a robot was brilliant and your “taking out the trash/shaving” analogy is spot-on. I hate shaving enough that I’ve grown a beard a couple times.

    I’ll bet you already know this, but in case you didn’t, this interview is listed as a reference on The Sneeze’s Wikipedia page. (

    Very cool!

    Keep up the good work!

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