Posted by: Matthew | April 23, 2007

Some Stuff About Cats and a Teaser

Cats are my favorite animals. They are very interesting. The ancient Egyptians were the first people to have cats. They used them to kill rodents. Cats can see six times better than humans in the dark. Cats cannot see colors as well as we can. A cat’s leg bones are not connected to the rest of the skeleton. They are connected with muscles and ligaments. Cats walk on their tiptoes to make themselves go faster. The bend in their legs is actually their ankles. They can jump seven times their own height. Cats do not normally like to “meow”. They “meow” because us human beings react to it. When kittens are born they love to drink milk and sleep, but they can’t see, hear, or walk. Cats are fully grown at five months. They sleep eighteen to nineteen hours a day. Cats make good pets.

This is my cat, Keith. He is 10 months old.

Keith Face


This is Keith sleeping. He is very fat. When he lays like this, my mom calls him Shamu.

Keith Sprawled



Keith Sprawled Close

I have completed more interviews. One of them is with an electro chemist. Way cool. One is with another well known blogger. I will be giving some clues so you can guess who. For each comment to this post I will post another clue.

Clue #1 – It is a guy.

So comment and guess away!

P.S. The new clues will be in the comments.




  1. Does he run a blog that started out as an experiment?

    p.s. Your cat is very cute. I just got a puppy myself a couple weeks ago and I love her! She’s 5 months old and her name is Betsy. She sleeps on her back like your cat does.

  2. Well, with a tease like ‘for each comment I’ll leave a clue’ I have to leave a comment. I’m no good at guessing games and I don’t even know what an electro-chemist is so that will be an interesting one.

  3. I have two cats, and didn’t know many of these facts – thanks. I also have no idea what an electro chemist does, so looking forward to that interview.

  4. Wow… Keith sure is fat. I bet he’s dreaming about having lunch right now.

    Will you post your interview when we guess who it’s with? I’m looking forward to reading it.

  5. Cats leg bones are not connected to the rest of their skeleton? I never knew that.

    I have a research assignment for you. I heard somewhere that a cat’s tail is the same length as it’s body. Is that true?

  6. WalterBean: I’m pretty sure his blog did not start as an experiment. My mom went through his blog again and looked. We think no to that one.

    Next Clue: He is not a cartoonist.

  7. Jen: I didn’t know what an electro-chemist did either. The interview with Josh, the electro chemist will be up in a few days.

    Next Clue: He started his current blog in June 2003.

  8. Susanna: Cats are my favorite pets. What are your cats’ names?

    Next Clue: He has two kids.

  9. Stefanie: Keith is veeeeery fat. He likes to eat. A lot.

    Next Clue: He lives in CA, like me.

  10. Your cat is cute. I don’t like cats very much, but my grandma used to have the greatest cat. He had his own lazy boy and ottoman at her house, and he weighed 45 pounds! I don’t remember his real name because we always called him fatty.

  11. Hi, I found your blog through defectiveyeti. I also have a fat cat named Keith! I thought he was the only one that sprawled out on his back like that but apparently your cat does too! Keep blogging. I enjoy reading your posts and interviews!

  12. Wow, I did NOT know all that about cats! Especially the part about their leg bones not being connected to the rest of their skeleton. Now I totally want to go feel my cat’s feet!
    Your cat is so cute! I love how he lays on his back like that!
    Keep up the good work!

    – Angel

  13. Hi, Matthew, I love cats too. My dad’s name was Keith. My two cats do not meow. One says “Now!” (she’s bossy) and the other says “No” (she’s a bit difficult).

  14. Matthew,

    I found your blog through The Sneeze. I had to laugh when I saw the picture of your cat. Here’s my fat, black and white “Shamu” cat, Ella:

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