Posted by: Matthew | April 18, 2007

My Interview with Cat

I have one more interview done. Then my mom says I needs to write some other stuff too! The interview is with Cat (her name is really Carolyn). She runs a pub. Thanks for letting me interview you, Cat. Here it is –

1.Where do you live?

I live in a tiny town called Axbridge, in Somerset, England. It is often mistaken for a village.

2.What is like where you live?

Rural and quiet. We get a lot of visitors in the summer; people stay in nearby caravan parks. Lots of people cycle on the Strawberry Line, which used to be a train track until Mr Beeching closed them all down. Strawberries are still grown round here and taste better than imported ones. Just behind where I live are The Medips, hills, which are beautiful, some owned by the National Trust, which means people can’t build on them or spoil them.

3. What do you do?

I run a pub with my husband. We bought it 3 years ago and moved here from Cambridgeshire. We have a bar which opens every day till at least Midnight and a kitchen which opens till 9 pm. We have a pool team; a table skittles team and 3 long alley skittle teams. We also support local football teams Axbridge Town and the Saxons.

4. What is cool about your job?

I can see friends every night, and never need leave my family. We get in the local paper a lot, like when we did a huge April fool and convinced people we were going to build a conservatory in the street outside the pub. I get to know loads of people, and get to help out too. In January we took 50 local children dry slope sledging, it was huge fun.

5. What is it like at a pub?

Hard work, open every day, whether you feel like it or not. There is a lot of responsibility, if we notice we haven’t seen someone who lives on their own for a day or so, we check to make sure they are ok, we have to make sure people don’t drink too much and make themselves ill, or hurt themselves. We don’t serve alcohol to under 18’s in the UK so we have to watch out for younger people with fake ID.

Other companies advertise here too so sometimes we get free tickets to take the children out for the day, I like that.

I like it when new people start coming into the pub because they like what we do.

It will smell better when smoking is banned in all pubs from 1st July this year.

I laugh a lot here.

6. Which type of clock do you like better – analog or digital?

If I am at work I like digital, if I am not at work I like a nice old fashioned ticking clock with no chime.

7. What is your favorite number in Roman numerals?

MCMLXX because it is the year I was born.

8. Has anyone you know died? How did you feel at the funeral?

Yes, a friend who used to come into the pub. I was angry that he left, I was angry that his young daughter would miss him. I was glad I told him I was pleased to see him the night before he died.



  1. These interviews are really fascinating, The Other Matthew. I like that you are talking to a wide variety of people, and not just writers.

  2. Your interview really makes me want to visit Cat in her pub!

    It also make me wonder what type of clock you like better.

  3. opps, that should have said “makes” :>

  4. These are fantastic questions. I liked the Roman numeral one best.

  5. questions 6, 7 & 8 are fabulous. how do you think up your questions?

  6. Thanks Matthew, that works really well.

    Good luck with the book!


  7. Matthew –

    I love Heck-bert.
    I love all your interviews – you are very good at that!
    I love that you want to own 50-100 cats, and my cat loves you for that.

    If you want to interview me, I think we would have fun.

    I found you by a link from The Other Matthew.

    – kr

  8. LOL, how do you come up with these questions? Your interviews are always so interesting to read! Hmm, it sounds like it would be fun to own a pub, huh! I wish I could open a pub that serves only Dr. Pepper… and rootbeer! And maybe chocolate milk…???

  9. […] interviews I wanted to give everyone an update on what’s next for my interview project. A couple of days ago, I gave clues about another cool, blogger I have coming up. No one has guessed who it is yet, so I’m going […]

  10. This interview was good on so many points. It gave me information about England and also pub life. I have never in my whole life had an alcoholic drink, so I have never been in a pub! haha! It sunds like a fun place (but hard!) to work.

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