Posted by: Matthew | April 13, 2007

Interview with Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera

After my interview with Matthew Baldwin, I got to interview another writer, Sarah Brown. Her blog is Que Sera Sera. Here is my interview….

1.Your blog said you are from Oklahoma, have you ever seen a tornado?

Yes! They are very loud, louder than you can even imagine. They really do sound like a train. Before a tornado hits, everything gets very still, there are no sounds, and the sky turns a greenish-yellow color. In my old house in Oklahoma, a tornado hit the houses on either side of us, but didn’t touch ours! It’s amazing and scary. But if a tornado passes you over, they’re actually very nice, because afterwards the sky is golden and glowing, and everything smells wonderful and fresh.

2. What is it like in New York?

Busy. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the middle of all these busy people, because you are busy too, and you get pushed along by the current, but other times, it’s too much and you feel like you need a time out. That’s when I go to the park, or go see a movie by myself, or read in my room. But I love New York because there is always something fun happening somewhere in the city. You have so many choices here. It’s hard to get bored.

3. Have you gone in the Empire State building?

You know, I’ve always meant to go to the Empire State building, but I haven’t yet. Living in a place like New York where there’s always so much to do, sometimes you get so caught up in your everyday routine that you forget about all of your fun options. That’s why it’s nice when people come to visit and want to do those things, because then you get a chance to be a tourist in your own city.

4. What do you do?

I’m a writer. Right now I’m finishing my first book. I work from my home, which is nice because I can make my own schedule and wake up whenever I want, and write in my pajamas and eat ice cream sandwiches for dinner, but sometimes all that freedom is a little weird, and I miss reading on the subway every morning and meeting friends for lunch. But I love writing, so it’s all worth it.

5. Why don’t you trust cats?

I don’t trust cats because cats don’t need me. Cats are coy. I’m a dog person. Dogs are always happy to see you, and always want your love and affection, and always seem like they’re smiling and there for you. Dogs sense when you’re worried and get upset when you’re sad, and I like that. Of course, I do like some cats. My friend Heather has a very silly, playful cat named Sir Hal, and my friend Sarah has a sweet, shy little cat named Sylvie, and I really love both of those cats.

6. What is your favorite type of pet?

I love dogs. I grew up with a collie, and collies are the sweetest, most loyal dogs. My collie used to sleep at the foot of my bed, unless there was a thunderstorm, and then he’d get very nervous and try to sleep on the bed with me. He would also get worried and pace back and forth and bark if anyone in our family had a fight or shouted at each other. He was our little peacemaker. I can’t have a dog in my apartment, but if I could, I’d get a beagle. I think they’re so cute, even though I’ve heard their howling bark is pretty annoying.

I do have a pet fish, named Bishop Desmond Tutu. He’s three years old.

7. What happens to you when you eat sugar? A lot of sugar?

When I eat a lot of sugar, I get a headache and want to take a nap. I like ice cream and cake and cookies, but I think my favorite kind of food is salty, like french fries.

8. What is your favorite place to go and just enjoy life?

I live down the street from a huge, beautiful park called Prospect Park, and I have a favorite spot there where I like to go with a blanket and a book. I also like to go out to Coney Island, which is an outdoor carnival by the ocean. They have rides and shows and street performers and lots of sugary and salty food. I’m happiest when I’m with my friends and family, just talking and laughing and eating and drinking.


Thank you for letting me interview you. It was fun. Make sure you go to her blog and see her picture of her fish.



  1. Matthew – great interview! I’ve known Sarah for years, and never heard the Tornado story. Excellent work on prying out the juicy details.

    Looking forward to more interviews,


  2. Great interview Matthew! I am Sarah’s dad and we are as proud of her as your parents are of you. By the way, I read your meme and am impressed with your olfactory musical skills, I personally, can play the William Tell Overture on my cheeks. Good luck on your cyberjourney.

  3. Great interview, Matthew!
    I’ve known Sarah for a long time, but I still learned some cool things about her.
    From one reporter to another: Keep up the good work!

  4. I am Sarah Brown’s mom, and I enjoyed reading your interview with her. You asked good questions! Sarah’s father, brother, and I live in Oklahoma, which is very different from New York! The first time Sarah came back home after being in New York for a while was that there was SO MUCH SKY in Oklahoma! The view of the sky is blocked in New York by so many tall buildings. Sarah does love it there though — she is having lots of fun, has made great new friends, and is living her dream of being a writer. We miss Sarah, but we’re very proud that she had the courage to move to a huge place like New York. Sarah has the gift of being able to see the humor and beauty in things that other people may miss. Her writing lets her share those observations and make other people laugh — even at themselves! That’s something we all need to learn to do. I can tell that you are learning a lot about people and places, so keep up the good work. I’ll keep checking your website. I hope someday you’ll get to visit both New York and Oklahoma!

  5. I’m a friend of Sarah’s and she sent me the link to this page. What a great interview! I’ve known Sarah a long time and I learned things about her I didn’t even know. I think you would make an excellent reporter!

  6. Hi Matthew,

    I love your interview with Sarah. My name is Sarah, too. I live in Texas and have 5 kids — the oldest one is a 9-year-old boy like you. The youngest are 3-year-old twins. I have a blog but I don’t have time to write in it much. If you ever want to do an interview with someone in Texas with lots of kids, I’d be happy to do it! 🙂 I really like your blog and your interview project.

  7. After all the years I’ve known Sarah Brown, I had no idea that she’d ever seen a tornado. Remind me not to drive through Oklahoma. Awesome interview, Matthew!

  8. Matthew,

    You rock! I saw the link to your site from Sarah B and have read a few other interviews, too. What a cool idea. I think it’s great that you’ve got such an awesome goal in mind.

    I have two cats – Bella and Buster. We got them from the shelter, so I know how important the ASPCA is. Keep up the good work!


  9. Good interview, Matthew! Sarah is a great interview subject because she’s smart AND funny AND from Oklahoma!

  10. I just started reading Sarah’s blog. This was a quick, easy, and interesting way for me to learn a little more about her – thanks for doing it. And good luck with your project, the ASPCA is a wonderful organization.

  11. Hello, Matthew!

    I’m a girl from Brazil who’s been reading Sarah’s blog for a long time. Your interview was great, and I’ll make sure to check your blog and read all the interviews to come.
    Good luck with your project!!

  12. You’re very good at asking interesting questions! I’m looking forward to reading more of your interviews.

    I think it would be neat if you interviewed LeahPeah, because she’s smart and nice and she also likes to interview people. She’s very friendly and helpful and I bet she’d have lots of good advice for you.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  13. What an awesome interview!
    I would never have thought of the tornado question.

  14. Whoa, look at all those comments you got today! Awesome!
    I love the questions you come up with for your interviews.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Hi Matthew, I really liked your interview, with Matthew Baldwin and Sarah Brown (alphabetically, because I liked them BOTH equally!) If you ever want to interview a Stay at Home Mother who lives in Indiana but is from New Jersey, email me! I love your site!

  16. great interviews! you’re practically a pro already. i look forward to buying your book someday.

  17. Matthew: I love your interview with Sarah Brown! If you’d like to interview someone who hosts a Trivia Night three nights a week, email me!

  18. Great interview! I read about Sarah in the newspaper yesterday and didn’t know that you interviewed her. What a coincidence.

    My favorite part of the interview was about the tornado. That would be pretty scary…

  19. GReat interview Matt. It is interesting to read about a person who has seen so many different perspectives. Going from tornado country to subways and apartment living is quite a learning experience!


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