Posted by: Matthew | April 10, 2007

My First Meme

I got tagged for a meme by my mom. Here it is…

Three things that scare me
1. The dark
2. Vicious dogs
3. Throwing up

Three people who make me laugh

1. Keith, my cat
2. My mom
3. The show Full House

Three things I love
1. Cats and dogs
2. Airplanes
3. Computers

Three things I hate

1. Taking a shower
2. Using tissues
3. Cleaning my room

Three things I don’t understand
1. Robotics
2. Cotton balls
3. The question on this meme about things I would like to learn, but won’t

Three things on my desk
1. A mini Connect Four game
2. Toy airplanes (DC10, and 747)
3. A cat calendar

Three things I want to do before I die
1. Be a pilot
2. Own 50-100 cats
3. Be a stunt man

Three things I can do
1. Jump a 6-foot gap between ramps on my bike
2. Play Mary had a Little Lamb on the recorder with my nose
3. Jump down a full flight of stairs (one whole story) in one jump

Three things I can’t do

1. Jump up a whole flight of stairs (a whole story)
2. Fix a TV
3. Keep a secret

Three things I think you should listen to

1. We Will Rock You by Queen
2. A cat’s meow
3. Infomercials

Three things you should never listen to

1. Never, ever, ever, and I mean NEEEEEV-VER listen to bad guys
2. Three year olds
3. Bad comedians and I mean bad as in “Your act stinks, Fool!!!”

Three things I’d like to learn
(but won’t)
I don’t understand how to answer this question

Three shows I watched as a kid

(Um, I kind of am a kid)
1. Rocko’s Modern Life
2. Mythbusters
3. Magic Schoolbus



  1. If you had 100 cats, I think you would spend so much time taking care of them that you’d never have have a spare moment to sit in an armchair and pet one–and that’s the best part of having a cat.

  2. My sons all love cats would like to have 50 also. Great youtube piece from Queen. We like that one two. Nice job on your first meme!

  3. Sorry — you probably noticed I spelled two incorrectly, didn’t you? That should be “too.” :-}

  4. With that many cats you would be cleaning litter boxes all day long!

  5. Cool meme! I used to watch Rocco’s Modern World when I was a kid, too… I thought it was the funniest show on Earth!
    And I, too, would enjoy owning 50-100 cats. And some dogs, goats, ducks, horses, dolphins, platipusses, etc.

  6. I get scared of throwing up, too. But you always feel better afterwards, so it works out.

  7. I just got tagged with a slightly shorter version of this meme, and it will be my first one, too! I hope it’s okay if I include a link to your answers in my meme post.

    When I read yours, I really related to the throwing up part. I was afraid of this when I was a kid, too. It took all the fun out of eating for a while. I’m not afraid of it anymore, but I still hate it.

    50 cats!?! When I read that, I thought, “I’d be covered in cat hair all the time if I had 50!”

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