Posted by: Matthew | March 22, 2007

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Bell at Mission San Juan Capistrano

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It was the seventh mission built in California. Mission San Juan Capistrano is full of flowers and fountains. Mission San Juan Capistrano has six bells. Four of the original mission bells are still rang today, everyday. Two of the six original bells are on display. The two bells that are on display were in the bell tower of The Great Stone Church. The Great Stone church made out of stone with seven humoungous domes. It took nine years to build. The master stonemason died six years into the project. It was supposed to have six domes. Without the boss, the workers’ calculations weren’t correct, so they added a seventh dome. In the middle of a mass, there was a massive earthquake in 1812 that destroyed the whole church. Only one dome is still standing today. Forty people died that day. They are buried in the cemetary at the mission.
Only Remaining Dome of the Great Stone Church

It was founded twice due to an Indian attack at a nearby mission. They buried the four bells to protect them. In 1776, Father Junipero Serra went back a year later and found that the bells were still safe. They hung the bells from a tree and the mission was reopened.
Gold Altar in Father Serra’s Church Mission San Juan Capistrano
The coolest things I saw there were the Sacred Garden, the kitchen for the Fathers, the bedroom for the Fathers, and the soldiers’ barracks and guns.



  1. Hey Matthew. It looks like you had a great time at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Did you see any Swallows? They are going to return any day. One time my husband and I went to see the Swallows and only saw Sparrows. We thought the Sparrows were Swallows. Once we figured it out we laughed for hours.
    Brigette Brink (Your CHEP teacher)
    P.S. I really enjoyed reading through your blog. Now I want one. Maybe you could help me out with the details of setting it up.

  2. Did you take these photographs? They are really great!

  3. I did a report on this Mission when I was in 6th grade or something!
    How cool is THAT?!?

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