Posted by: Matthew | March 15, 2007

Spring, Spring, Spring


Spring is fun, fun, fun. I like spring because all of the flowers bud. I like spring so much because the birds come out. We have been doing lots of stuff outside. We planted plants: watermelon, cantaloupe, flowers. I took a picture of this petunia in my backyard. I took the camera and stuck it down flower.

These are my feet splashing in a puddle.

This is bird food in an elaborate bird feeder. (It is a little blurry). At 2:00, on Thursday, March 15, 2007, we saw a bird and we didn’t scare it. Spring is cool. It is my favorite season.



  1. Hmmm I wrote a loooong message to you but it dissappeared into the ether… ah well

    After you asked what it was like living in the uk i thought i might start a blog, about here I live.
    It may take a while but I’ll let you know when i get it started


    it is too colf to splash in puddles here, we had hail stones here today.

  2. Spring is MY favorite too! After a long, cold winter, it feels so good to be able to go outside and not have to be freezing!
    I’m glad you didn’t scare the bird in your bird feeder! Do you think he will come back to eat there again?

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