Posted by: Matthew | February 22, 2007

Animal Precinct


I saw a TV show called ANIMAL PRECINCT on Animal planet. It is a sad show because people hurt their animals. Some people move out leaving their animals there with no food, no water, and no toys – and with the windows closed in the heat. Eventually some of the animals die. The owner of a cocker spaniel and a border collie was 80 years old. She got sick and had to go to the hospital for a week. She left bowls of food and water out and left the windows open. She wasn’t really a criminal she just couldn’t help that she got sick. When she left, her dogs’ ears were just a little dirty (which is commom with dogs). When she came back, the dogs had serious ear infections! The ASPCA came to her apartment and checked the dogs’ ears every Saturday. Finally, on the fifth Saturday they scheduled a time to take the dogs to the ASPCA of Manhattan. When she took the dogs there, they looked like totally different dogs. The border collie was shaved and the cocker spaniel had a really lame cocker spaniel cut. The most important thing was they didn’t have ear infections any more! The show was very sad. I wanted my mom to join the ASPCA. The A+S+P+C+A = two thumbs up. I think that tons of millions of thousands of people should join the ASPCA. Here is their website and information.




  1. I’ve watched this show too. It is really sad the way some people treat animals. My dad, your great grandpa had a very soft heart when it came to animals. We had all kinds of pets growing up, most of them brought home by him.

  2. I haven’t seen Animal Precinct. I think it would make me sad.

    I’ve seen shows where people had dozens of cats in a tiny apartment. Even though they were feeding them, the cats were going to the bathroom everywhere and making a terrible mess. The ASPCA had to come rescue them too.

  3. Aw – we have the same kind of shows here for animals. Here it’s the RSPCA – The Royal Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals because we have a Royal Family in Britain.

    I really like your blog I think you’re doing a great job!

    Well done – I will be back to read some more 🙂

    keep it up!

  4. Hi Matthew — your parents picked a good name for you! 🙂

    I don’t have cable, but Animal Planet is my grandmother’s favorite station, and we watch it together whenever I visit. She likes Animal Cops and the show with all the animals doing crazy things, like tricks and stuff (I don’t know the name, but it is really funny).

    Do you have any pets? I have two cats. I had a dog when I was younger, and I like dogs a lot, but we don’t have one at the moment. One of our cats is a black manx, which is a funny breed that has no tail. His name is Eddie and you can see a picture of him here.

    Okay, nice talking to you.

  5. Matthew,

    I just found your blog while I was looking for the blog of a friend of mine — I’m so glad I did!

    I love Animal Precinct! My husband thinks it is too sad to watch, but I think it’s important to learn how to take care of animals, and to see that there are officers whose job it is to protect animals. I give money to the ASPCA. They gave me a cool calendar one year with stories about all of the animals in the pictures.

    Good luck with your blog! I’m looking forward to reading more about what you are learning at home,


  6. Hi Matthew! I agree with you that the ASPCA is awesome! I have a 4 year old little boy named Simon that has sensory integration dysfunction and we are going to get him a dog soon. And guess what? We are going to adopt one through the ASPCA!! I promise though, that we won’t be the type of owners that will be abusive and end up on “Animal Precinct”!!

  7. Matthew, you wrote an interesting commentary on “Animal Precinct.” It has inspired me to send a donation to my local ASPCA, even though I have no pets.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if someone saw your article and started a Friendly Neighbor business, taking care of the pets of people who are going into the hospital or on vacation?

    My little brother used to do that for our neighbors; he’d stop by and visit their dogs, feed and walk them, then pet them and play with them for a little while. The dogs were happy and didn’t miss their owners quite as much. The owners were happy, knowing their dogs were being looked after. We don’t have a business like that in our area but sure could use one.

    I will be sure to stop by your blog often to see what else you are up to! Happy blogging!

  8. Hi Matthew! Yes, Animal Precinct is so sad but the animals are very lucky to have a friend in you! I’m a BIG fan of the ASPCA, too. Thanks for spreading the word 🙂

  9. Stories like this are so sad, and that’s why it makes me really happy to hear that people are out there adopting animals that need good homes rather than shelling out big bucks to buy them.

    You should consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper to raise awareness about the ASPCA, because you’re certainly raising awareness through your blog! Awesome job!

  10. Matthew – I love that show “Animal Precinct” too! I also like “Animal Cops”. They are both very sad though! I think it is so sad that some people treat animals badly. But I love the parts when animals get adopted by new homes!
    You are a great blog writer! Keep up the good work! I’ll Blogmark you!

    – Angel

  11. Good for you to be inspired to action.

    And you are doing a great job writing!

  12. My daughter and I watch that show a lot. She is ten and loves animals so much. She wants to be a veteranarian when she gets older. She is very good about taking care of her animals and wishes that i would let her bring home ever dog that doesn’t have a home!

  13. Hey, Matthew! Your website is great – I just found it through The Sneeze. It’s awesome that you’re promoting the ASPCA and the rights of animals. I find it very commendable that you’re interested in helping animals – they need friends like you that can give them a voice!

    I’m looking forward to reading more blogs from you. 🙂

  14. Matthew, you have a heart for animals. I think you get that from genetics;
    your mawmaw and her father had the trait.

    I take home strays too.

    Barney was sixteen when I found him staggering across a busy roadway at midnight. His owner did not really want him back. “He’s old and sick and I guess it’s time to put him down.” Barney was so sad looking. I fed Barney good food and supplements and he got well. And that old dog lived here for four more years. Not many dogs live for twenty years like Barney.

    I have other animals too. Conus has been here for twenty years now.
    He’s not a dog. I’m not even sure if he’s a he. Conus may outlive me for all I know. You’d never just guess what Conus is. Well, he’s a nice fellow originally from Australia. And he has a stumpy body. And his tail looks like his head! And he resembles, somewhat, a pine cone! What would you guess Conus is? Well, he’s not a cat or dog for sure.

    I do know for sure that dogs and cats suffer because there are not enough people like you who care
    to take care of them at all times of their lives.

    I like to say, particularly of dogs, “Dogs and cats are people too.”

    I only put in “cats” so the cats won’t be mad at me for leaving them out.

    I have two cats. No.
    Two cats have me, and so I had better keep on their good sides.

    Keep up the great work Matthew,


  15. I watch Animal Precinct regularly and cannot understand what kind of people you have in America. It seems that there is a large amount of your population that is so cruel to animals.

    I was also disappointed when I saw a terrible episode where 3 dogs were starved and one died just as he arrived at the ASPCA. The landlady who reported this must have seen and heard something earlier she deserved no medals. Also
    one of the bastard criminals were caught, a women who we were told received 3 years probation. How awful is that that she did not receive a prison term. What is wrong with those judges in America?

    Finally, I would like to see shows like Oprah, Ellen De Generes and others that seem to have such a large viewing from all over the world help those poor animals by showing the cruelty instead of
    about some spoilt housewife or teenager. Or the fact that in China they are killing dogs for their fur we are told mainly for the Americans. Don’t these people look at the lables before they buy their fur. Why don’t they buy imitation furs so no poor animal has to die.

    I do wish to thank the team for all the work they do for the animals. They are great as they have a very difficult job. Cruelty can be wiped out with time if more people support your type of foundations. I support these type of organisations in Australia by donating and signing petitions etc.

  16. Hi Matthew!

    I like Animal Precinct too…and I want to be an officer when I’m older so I can help these animals!

    I like your blog. 🙂


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