Posted by: Matthew | February 16, 2007

A Trip to the Beach

Last summer, in July, I went camping at the beach with my cousins Big A and Little A. It was Little A’s birthday. We got these pedal go-karts. My cousin, Little A, said that the pedal karts were too hard to drive because he crashed into a trash can, knocked it over, and spilled all of the trash out of it. We rode them for one hour. It was very, very fun riding the pedal karts around Seal Beach. When we gave the karts back to the rental place we went to the pier and had some lunch. We rented some surf boards. We all went surfing. I crashed. As you can see in one of the pictures, I am rolling down a hill in a piece of plastic pipe. We went bike riding to the pier to eat lunch. The pier was kind of weird because everytime a wave hit it, you could feel the impact. Then we saw what we thought was Air Force One – it was Air Force One. I had a very fun time and I would like to go there again.



  1. Camping at the beach is the BEST!

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